i’m sorry

but were you not there when grant ward was physically abused for half his life

and emotionally manipulated for the other half

where the man he admired and respected treated him as a pawn in a war, as a means for him to achieve his goals??? 

i understand if you disagree with his decisions, but calling him a nazi (etc) is just pushing it. grant ward might not have been forced into being the person he is, but just because he wasn’t physically forced to make those decisions, doesn’t mean that he wasn’t manipulated into making them. 

ward believed that hydra was the right side to be on, because the man he loves and respects, who took him in when no one else was willing to, who became the one constant in his life, told him so. 

even though he consciously made the decision to be the person he is, and stand with hydra, it doesn’t mean that he’s a terrible person.

and just so you know, just because he spent a little time with the team, it wouldn’t have made him magically want to change his view/stand. it couldn’t have. grant ward is the product of years of emotional manipulation, and spending time around people, who were albeit kind and caring and righteous, still had their own secrets, would not have suddenly made him a different person. 

a person doesn’t change overnight, it takes time ( and, being with the team did make him doubt garrett & his choices ( e.g. shooting skye ), which is honestly huge for a soldier whose primary mission is to follow orders and to never question his orders. ), which is what most people want for ward. we want a redemption arc, for him to learn that what he has done is indeed wrong, and for him to slowly make it up to every person he has hurt. 

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